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Special Offers

Check out this page first to see what special offers, discounts and bonus offers are currently on offer. We frequently give away harbour cruises, dinner for 2 packages, movie tickets, iPads and special event tickets.

Public Courses Coming Up

Book in right now for any of our Public courses coming up in November (can't wait that long? We also offer 1-on-1 training, onsite training and closed course training along with our public course offerings).

Here is a listing of the courses and dates running (click on course names to view course content):

Course Name

Current Pricing

Windows 10 Essentials (7th Nov 16)

Only $349

Outlook 2013 Essentials (8th Nov 16)

Only $349

Word 2013 Essentials (9th Nov 16)

Only $349

Excel 2013 Essentials (10th Nov 16)

Only $349

PowerPoint 2013 Essentials (11th Nov 16)

Only $349

Word 2013 Intermediate (14th & 15th Nov 16)

Only $698

Excel 2013 Intermediate (16th & 17th Nov 16)

Only $698

Publisher 2013 Complete (18th Nov 16)

Only $440

Interested? Drop me a line right now for more information:

NOTE: You can also book and pay via credit card right now by visiting our booking page.

Offer Number One - Computer Skills Boot Camp!!!

Are you mostly self taught with computers? Do you sometimes bump a button and loose everything and not know what you've done? Are your limited computer skills holding you back from what you might become? Are you sick of just "getting by" and not really knowing what you are doing?

If you answered yes to ANY of these questions we have the perfect answer for you and all it will take is 5 to 9 days of your time to totally transform you and your computer skills forever. You don't have the time/can't afford it?

Actually it's the other way around. You have the rest of your life ahead of you and computers aren't going away! You seriously can't afford to waste another day/week/month or year of your life with limited computer skills slowing you down, wasting your time and holding you back from your potential. Ever feel you could achieve so much more with your life if only....

With limited computer skills your productivity in the office goes down (actually it nose dives), your confidence goes down, your future opportunities are limited and your potential earnings go down in flames along with your chances of getting the ultimate job.

1 to 2 weeks of your time is really not such a big ask to change the rest of your life. You really need to decide right now that you are determined to change your future. Attend our amazing Computer Training BootCamp coming up soon and you'll be blown away with what you can learn in around two weeks.

So now for the offer.

Option 1: Customised Onsite Training - Computer Training Packages designed to be provided onsite at clients location.

Option 2: Public Courses - A series of courses running in Watsons Bay April and July 2016

Follow this link for a full rundown of what you will learn (basically years of knowledge, tips, tricks, shortcuts and secrets known only to a select few for using Microsoft Office professionally and efficiently in a business environment). Hope to change your future soon! Click here for more Info

Join our Bootamp


Offer Number Two - Onsite Training for Staff

Talk to us about organising onsite customised training for your emplyees. Quite often it can be cheaper to get 2-3 staff members trained onsite (better training, customised to their needs) than sending them off to a general public course. Email us for details asking about onsite training and the product/version (we can even provide the computers if you have a room)..






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